Things I learnt after being a Dad!

11009127_1610612589174945_6888602389785401486_oI became father more than a year ago. On 13th of March of 2015, I was blessed with Gaurangi, my daughter. Needless to say that last year of my life was filled with joy, frustration, fear, peace, panic, relief. And wise men are suggesting that still more “fun” yet to come. It will get challenging day-by -day but I get so much fulfilment out of it that I would not have it any other way.

I am sharing my learnings so far, to whom-so-ever-it-may concern

  1. You become more thankful to your parents: You are indeed a good son but after being a dad the level of gratitude towards your parents surely increases.
  2. You realise that your parents weren’t perfect, but they did the best they could.
  3. You think consciously of the time you spend away from your kids.
  4. And yes, they do grow very quickly. Everyday something new is happening.
  5. You feel the pain instead of irritation for the other parents in public area with screaming children. You do empathise with them.
  6. You get used to when they pee on the bed 😀
  7. You immediately feel bad when you get angry at her.
  8. My daughter like every other child lives in the moment. You realise how much you’re rushing through your life when you see them.
  9. IF they give you their toy phone you better talk over it with them.
  10. You are their biggest influence. They copy what you do and say.
  11. Every bad thing they do is the opportunity to learn. For them and for you to. It all depends on how you react. If you punish them or yell at them on their failure they are going to be scared of failure and mistakes. If you want them to succeed, they have to get used to the failure.
  12. You and your partner starts talking in the kid’s language using their made up words.
  13. It’s very difficult to take kid to grocery shopping and shop. Better order online. They want to pull everything down. Touch each and every item on the rack.
  14. You can’t resist to tell people that you have a kid and about its naughtiness. If you can’t tell such things, then there is serious problem.
  15. It is important to take some time out for yourself. You definitely need a short break because being a parent is exhausting.
  16. They will run throughout the house and expect you to catch them. But when you actually do then they want you to free them again and start running…and the loop continues till they get tired and sleep. Someday. Or everyday.
  17. I thought I would miss my daughter’s toothless smile. But it turns out that her toothy smile is just as attractive.
  18.  Smiling and laughing come naturally to them. Try to preserve these memories because soon they will also start smiling fake at camera like us.
  19. Keep a constant eye on them but don’t panic when they hurt themselves. Give them some time recover themselves.
  20. They may cry at any time, day or night, without any reason. They always have reason of crying, you just have to understand their pain and act accordingly.
  21. Don’t try to teach them, they are unconsciously learning from you.
  22. They will definitely rejuvenate your imagination. You could have never imagined a way of playing with a toy like your kid is playing with.
  23. You kid will always have 5 times more cloths than you and your partner’s combined.
  24. If you are looking at your phone and they start crying at that time, its their way to telling ‘Dad, put the damn phone down and play with me’.
  25. You will keep on buying toys for them, but these are useless. Kids’ want you to play with them.
  26. Don’t believe in strollers, walkers etc. It’s all marketing, and they will use these for short time, only for 1-2 months. In my daughter’s case, she never liked walker.
  27. A little acknowledgement at their efforts and they start following your instructions.
  28. You develop superman senses. Every sneeze ,breath you can hear from other room.
  29. Still more to come….